Made 2 Charm is a dating company founded by New York City's premiere dating coach, Kenneth Araneta, which helps men improve their dating lives in an authentic and fun way. Unlike numerous other dating coaches, Kenneth will not force you to be someone you’re not. He will treat you with the utmost respect and make you feel at ease while you’re on your journey to dating mastery. He provides his clients with a step by step blueprint from the initial approach all the way to the relationship phase while maintaining to be their true selves and not using any gimmicks or canned pick-up line routines.

Made 2 Charm's vision is to help men achieve clarity in what they truly desire in the opposite sex and simultaneously discover self actualization. It is a philosophy that instills an abundance mindset that crushes limiting beliefs about women and life in general. Kenneth will take you to a place where you begin to flow freely in your conversations with women without any mental or thought pattern disruptions. Kenneth's ultimate purpose is for you to achieve the state of being grounded and present in the moment when connecting with women and everyday people.

Whether you’re looking for a girlfriend, wife, or date multiple women, he has you covered. Furthermore, the concepts and principles that you will learn are not just limited to dating but also transferrable to other aspects of your life such as your career and family.


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Does this sound like you?

- I can't think of what to say when I see a woman that I'm attracted to

- I run out of things to say

- I can never get past the first date

- I seem to always get friend-zoned


Then this one-of-a kind program below will launch  your dating life to new heights


6 - Week Mastery Program

(Made 2 Charm’s Flagship Coaching Program will rapidly transform you from dating newbie to dating master)


The 6-week Program is a structured step-by-step program that will guide you from the approach - to the date - all the way to the bedroom.

The Weekly Training Sessions consists of (6) levels of progression. Below is an overview of what to expect:

Week 1: Inner confidence and mindsets. You will learn simple and essential meditation and breathing exercises to put in a relaxed state which will give you the needed confidence to approach any woman you desire. We will work on your eye contact, body language, voice tonality. You will be doing simple infield eye contact and functional approach exercises that will make you feel more comfortable talking to random women.


Week 2:  The Approach. You will learn simple openers to initiate a conversation with any woman in any situation. You will be doing intermediate approach exercise drills.


Week 3: Transistions and Vibing. This step is more crucial than any opener you can say.You will learn transisition techniques to keep the conversation going after you say hello. You will learn some simple flirting techniques to attract your conversational partner. You will be doing approach with transition and vibing exercise drills.


Week 4: Qualification. This is the holy grail of the mating and seduction process. You will learn how to qualify the woman that you are attracted to and make her chase you.


Week 5: Closing the deal. During this week, you will learn how to properly ask for the girl's phone number and set up dates.


Week 6: Sexual Escalation. In the final week, you will learn how to harness your sexual prowess to go from friend zone to lover zone.


Here is a breakdown of what you receive:

  • (6) Private 1-On-1 infield sessions under the supervision Kenneth (90 min duration each). We meet once a week at a daytime spot in New York City.
  • Unlimited text and email support regarding dating issues during the program’s duration.
  • Weekly missions and drills to internalize the principles and concepts that you have learned.







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